App development Bootcamp.


Are there many people in modern society who still do not use a smartphone or have not heard of Apps? We are making iOS and Android apps that have millions of users around the globe either entertainment apps and other apps that help consumers daily life and enterprise apps that help huge well-known companies do their business faster and more effective. Mobile Flagship phones are more powerful than most of the laptops out there and this Bootcamp you will get initial hands-on experience on iOS and Android Apps Development. With very modern programming language Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Mobile Bootcamp will be led by Accenture mobile app development specialist.

What will you learn:

  • Intro for Swift and Kotlin programming language;
  • App development with Apple Xcode and Android Studio;
  • How to use sensors and features of Mobile like GPS etc;
  • Answers to all your questions about mobile features and development;


  • You must be passionate about technologies;
  • Very basic knowledge of coding;
  • Willing to learn, search, build, fail, build, succeed;

Who can apply?

Active or Ex-students who want to get theoretical and hands-on experience for Mobile development. After Bootcamp we offer an internship.

What You will be able to do after Bootcamp?

During the following Internship after Bootcamp You will dig deeper into iOS and Android together with an individually assigned coach who will help go through the professional training.


Come and learn how to code mobile Apps!