Data scientists are people who use their knowledge to extract insights from data and make advanced solutions based on data (e.g. natural language processing, image recognition etc.). In this two-week long Bootcamp, you will learn basic data science skills including Python programming principles, data preparation/cleansing,  creation of machine learning models and work on a small project where the Accenture Data Science team will share its experience on how to implement AI solutions.

During this course You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning (ML) – how to formalize AI/ML goals, typical issues and solutions
  • Basic programming principles (Python as the main programming language)
  • Data preparation/cleansing
  • Visual data analysis
  • Different ML algorithms and their evaluation
  • Basics of neural networks, natural language processing, image recognition using Tensorflow

Pre-requisites for effective learning during the course:

  • Basic understanding of machine learning principles and statistics
  • Basic understanding of programming principles, some programming experience (preferably Python)

Pre-test links: