Amounts of data that each of us and every business is creating increases day by day. If all this information gathered over years is laying somewhere deep into servers’ memories, it doesn’t have any value. This is the place, where data modeling, data processing and data visualization comes on a stage to dig into data, find out patterns, causes and consequences of different processes. This way we are supporting our clients in the path of data driven thinking and management.

Pure theory is not good enough in real world when there are no tools supporting it. We have chosen SAS and Qlik vendor products – tools for data processing and reporting that together create end-to-end BI/DWH platform from data aquisition to embeded analytics.

Let us help you! If you are an IT Student or generally into IT and know that working with data will make you enthusiastic, then you have found the right place, here, at Accenture! We will teach you all the necessities, as long as you are not afraid from THE NEW! ​

The Bootcamp will provide you with:  ​

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing;
  • Basics in Dimensional Modeling;
  • Hands-on experience in data Extract-Transform-Load process;
  • Explanation of how and why Data Analytics and Visualization is important and how it helps to drive business decisions;
  • Step-by-step guides and instructions to be able to work as an expert within data literacy;
  • Real life project challenges and examples; ​
  • Opportunity to get deep knowledge with extra training material.

You should be:

  • With basic knowledge in IT;
  • Active or Ex-student who wants to get theoretical and hands-on experience in BI/DWH;
  • Passionate about technologies;
  • Willing to learn, search, build, fail, build, succeed.

APPLY UNTIL: July 5, 2020