Dates have been postponed

Are there many people in modern society who still does not use smart phone or have not heard of iPhone? We are making iOS apps that has millions of users around the globe either entertainment apps and other apps that helps consumers daily life and enterprise apps that helps huge well known companies do their business faster and more effective. iPhones and iPads are more powerful than most of the laptops out there and this bootcamp you will learn how to make iOS apps. With very modern programming language Swift 4.2 and high quality Apple frameworks making iOS apps is easier than ever. Come and learn how to code for iOS Devices!

What you will learn:

  • Swift programming language;
  • App development with Apple Xcode;
  • How to make light back-end with Google Firebase and connect it your app;
  • How to use sensors and features of the iPhone like GPS;
  • Answers to all your questions about mobile features and development.