Are you interested in modern Cloud based platform development?
Cloud technologies are becoming more and more popular around the world and number one CRM (Client Relationship Management) Cloud platform is Salesforce.
Do you want to learn about Java coding language and how to use your knowledge in Salesforce development?

Join Java/Salesforce CRM bootcamp and learn the basics of Java and how to apply your knowledge in Salesforce configuration/development.

During this course You will:
Learn Java basic concepts and applications:

  • Gain knowledge in Java programming, architecture and design, as well as testing and methodology fundamentals;
  • Learn programming in Java, using Git (version control system), and the basics of setting up Linux and will explore writing Java command line applications;

Second part of the bootcamp will be devoted to introduction to Salesforce platform:

  • take a first step into Cloud Technologies – configuration and customizations;
  • get introduction to CRM and Cloud application concepts;
  • Learn to design and develop Salesforce solutions using Salesforce declarative (UI adjustments, business layer rules, process automation) or programmatic tools (APEX – Java like programming language).

Both parts of bootcamp will be mix of theory modules and practical tasks to gain hands on developer experience.

What’s next?

Join Salesforce internship with further self-paced Salesforce training under experienced mentor supervision.

APPLY UNTIL: May 21, 2020



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